The Advantages of Diamond Drilling in Hampshire

Fenndrill is an experienced concrete diamond drilling company that provides accurate and pinpoint solutions for the construction and industrial industry. Concrete drilling carried out by our drilling contractors has many advantages and here we list some of the reasons why you should look no further for using our services in Hampshire.

Diamond drilling is widely regarded by the industry as the highest standard method for drilling holes. By using a diamond drilling bit, it’s possible to go through all types of material. This process has a number of telling advantages over conventional drilling.

Using the diamond drilling bits, it enables us to cut concrete, soil, brick and stone in a true fashion. This results in a reduced risk of causing structural damage. With accurate concrete diamond drilling, less debris is produced which helps save time and disposal costs at your Hampshire site.

Safer Working Environment

Diamond drilling is suitable for all working environments as this process produces very little noise and even less dirt and dust. Great news as this doesn’t upset or disturb your co- workers. As the concrete diamond drilling equipment is portable and lightweight, it can be used in the more testing of conditions such as underwater and confined spaces. Our drilling contractors even have the capacity to carry out concrete diamond drilling in Hampshire by remote control.

The accuracy of concrete drilling means that we can cover a range of widths from 10mm to up to 1200mm whilst ploughing depths of up to 10 metres. Our drilling contractors use the latest state-of-the-art machinery to deliver effective and efficient solutions in the most challenging of work environments in Hampshire.

Fenndrill has been leading the way for nearly 40 years in diamond drilling in Hampshire and the Home Counties. All our drilling contractors are extremely experienced and they’re qualified to use our specialist concrete drilling equipment. We provide bespoke concrete diamond drilling services to many customers new and old, across the South East.

For more information about out our diamond drilling services in Hampshire, then please call us now on 01256475031.